A big update is in order here. And I have exciting things to tell!

To get directly to the point, I have just signed my second professional contract! I am playing in the 1. Bundesliga (German Division 1) with BV Cloppenburg. The team is located in Cloppenburg, Germany, which is in the northwest situated nearby Bremen and Hamburg. I have been here about a week now and have enjoyed my time so far. However, I did arrive without my luggage..Again! Luckily, I packed my soccer gear in my carry on (thank you Jason Neidell).

I have really enjoyed getting to know this town and team, and I’m looking forward to playing in one of the best leagues in the world..

I need to rewind a little bit now.. So back in May I was finishing up my time in France and was lucky enough to get my second invite to the U-23 National Team training camp. That camp was held in Chula Vista, California at our Olympic Training Center. It was a great experience and it went well for me. The next event for the U23s is another training camp to be held in December. At this time, I do not know whether or not I am invited.

After the camp I returned to France for about a month. I made the decision not to return to the club. I really enjoyed my time in Yzeure and made some lifelong friends, but I felt it was in my best interest to move on. When the season was over in June, I flew home to Louisville and took it easy! I had the opportunity to work youth soccer camps at WKU and reveled in the opportunity to give back to my university and the community. My summer at home was fantastic and relaxing, but it went by quickly! This opportunity to play in Germany presented itself and I left the United States within a week.

For the present time, I will be here in Germany for a while. 🙂

I will give an update in a couple weeks.

Thanks for reading and take care, Libby

4 thoughts on “Deustchland!!

  1. Hope your season is going well. I may try to get over for a few days this Fall to see a game.
    Are you playing Bayern this Fall?

  2. Libby, It is so awesome to see you playing at this level….seems like just yesterday you and Lauren were with Mockingbird :-). Who knows…. Houston, Texas is starting a woman’s pro team-The Dash.. rumor has it Brian Ching is the managing director….if you wind up here let me know…would love to see you play again in person. Take care and have a great time in Germany! Tell you parents hello and enjoy your time in Louisville!

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