Hi all! Sorry I have been M.I.A. I have had some difficulties with my wi-fi, but all is well.

Since my last post the team has gone 1-1. We beat Juvisy 1-0 at home in Yzeure, and lost in an away match yesterday afternoon against Guingamp, 2-0. Guingamp was a pretty, but long, eight hour bus ride, so we arrived back to Yzeure very early this morning. Our next game is on October 28th versus St. Etienne, so we have about 2 weeks until that time. It will be nice to have this weekend off and get some extra recovery time.

In the last couple of weeks I have met a few fellow Americans living here in Yzeure and Moulins. It has been great to meet new friends, especially English speaking ones, and I am happy to be making more connections with people around Europe.

Today I had my first French class, which went fairly well! Only the speaking of French was allowed, so a hefty price of one imaginary Euro was tallied on the board if another language was heard by the professor. However, I did my best to converse with the professor and read aloud to the class, even though I was risking the loss of my precious Monopoly money.. I will have this class about once a week, and look forward to learning the language.

Lately, I have been missing the fall season in Kentucky, but I am excited to say that one of my best friends from home will be visiting here in exactly two weeks! Countdown has been started.. 🙂

Thanks for reading and Take Care.




This weekend went extremely well! We stayed in a very nice hotel in Strasbourg, France, which is heavily influenced by its’ neighbor, Germany. It’s a historic city that is known to be the Christmas Capital, celebrating with festivals, concerts, and parades. The traveling experience was very similar to that of my experiences with WKU, basically just eat, sleep, and play soccer. The hotel served us our meals, which were really good I thought. We took familiar post meal walks, stretching our legs around the Strasbourg block.

As for the game, we won 4-1! Our forward, Laura Bouillot, was unstoppable and netted all four goals for us. I, for the second time this season, got scored on a late penalty kick that again robbed me of my first professional shutout! Ahh! But we played a good game and it was a really great win for us.

The team was understandably extremely excited about the win! The 6.5-hour drive home consisted of much song singing, hooting, and hollering. I was impressed by the amount of energy everyone had in them, as I, just a goalkeeper, was tuckered out and was ready for a nap.

But the drives to and fro were really beautiful, as the sun was setting behind the hills on both journeys. There were many little towns set off in the hills and every town had a similar looking and noticeable church that rose high above the homes. I also saw a lot of corn, vineyards, and many more of those peculiar white cows along the way.

I really can’t believe it is already October! This month, we play three tough matches, two at home and one away. I should also be booking my flight home for break, which will be from December 17th through January 2nd. Also looking forward to experiencing the French Halloween. Maybe I’ll dress up as the Hunchback of Notre Dame or fashion myself an Eiffel Tower costume… hmm suggestions are welcome. I either want it to be really French or really American, no middle ground.

Home match this Sunday, October 7, versus a strong Juvisy team! Hoping for a great week of preparation.

Take care,