Hidey Ho!

My apologies for the long time no talk! Internet has been less than desirable as of late, but I’m back in business at least for tonight!

Well we played a very tough Lyon team last weekend and took our first loss. I landed badly on my ankle around the 70th minute, and, despite my best efforts to tough it out, had to be substituted shortly after. So this week I have been focused on getting my ankle back into good enough health to play in our Sunday match against Vendenheim. I tested out the ankle tonight at training and everything went pretty great, so I’m confident I will be rip roarin’ and ready to go for the game!

The match will be our first away contest of the season and I’m looking forward to it! We’re leaving tomorrow around noon to begin our 7 hour journey up into the northeast of France, and staying in a hotel tomorrow night. I’m most interested to see how the traveling experience compares/contrasts to what I have been used to the last four years at WKU. Should be a blast nonetheless..

Today was an extremely exciting day because ladies and gents, I bought myself a geetar! I bought my first guitar, thanks to my Aunt Lisa, about 8 years ago, and it became a fantastic dust collector for the better part of 5 years. Then, my brother began wanting to learn, so the thought of him being better than me at something was enough motivation to get me to finally relent to dusting off the old ax. So four years ago we taught ourselves how to play. He, I swallow my pride to admit, is much better than I, but I’m fully content with my particular repertoire of simple 90’s hits, cowboy chord, camp fire, tunes.. I have really missed not being able to pick up a guitar, since playing for me has always relieved the stresses of the day and comforted my soul. It’s nice to feel the music again! Now to find a nice little street and a tin can to make some extra Euro change.. Ha!
Looking forward to a fun and productive weekend! Thanks for reading and I hope all is well.


Happy Dimanche!

Sitting here munchin’ on a baguette thinking about how proud I am to be an alum of Western Kentucky University! Soccer, volleyball, and football all got big wins yesterday. Us Tops can be tricky!! 😉

This week in European football we trained every day in preparation for our big game against Lyon on the 23rd (this coming Sunday). Lyon will be a tough opponent for us as the team contains about 9 French national team players. I’m excited and up for the challenge!! Throughout the last few weeks, I’ve been learning new techniques that are improving my game. It’s really cool to be at this level and still be learning and improving my skills as a goalkeeper… There’s always room for improvement!!

We had this weekend off, so on Saturday I went with a few teammates and checked out some museums and historic sites. Today, I’ve just been relaxing and cleaning a bit… This week I felt a little homesick for the first time, but my day out with friends yesterday was a good spirit booster. I really am enjoying my time here in France and look forward to a good week of training!

Thanks for readin’


Football Season Begins Tomorrow

Of course I realize American football season started last week (Congrats to the Tops and the Cards by the way!).. However, Day One of the Division 1 Football Feminine League is tomorrow!! We play at home, Stade de Bellevue, at 15h00 (3pm here) against Toulouse FC. Basically, the way the league works is that there are 12 teams. You play each team twice, once at home and once away. The season runs from September to the end of May (with a break for Christmas) so we play 2 or 3 matches per month. This schedule bodes well for the old bodies.. Lots of recovery time.

The men’s club, AS Yzeure, is only amateur, so we are the city’s big professional team. In the last few weeks, we’ve had several articles in the newspaper, as well as online and news broadcasts. There is a buzz about the town and the excitement level is on the rise!

I’m pumped to begin the season and just play the game of soccer. I feel strong, healthy, and prepared. Nothing beats the feeling of Game Day!

Thanks for reading!


This lengthy link will take you directly to our schedule: http://www.fff.fr/competitions/php/championnat/championnat_calendrier_resultat.php?cp_no=283603&ph_no=1&gp_no=&sa_no=2012&typ_rech=equipe&cl_no=33057&eq_no=1&type_match=deux&lieu_match=deux

A Little Ditty About Jack and Diane.. But Mostly Just Jack

I took a jog through the city the other day. When I finished outside of my apartment I was just stretching and taking my time. Beside me was this little five year old boy riding on his oversized bike. He took a quick glance over at me to make sure I was watching, gained a good amount of speed, and attempted to ramp up over the high curb.. Well, he didn’t quite make it, but he flew through the air with style (future goalkeeper maybe). I couldn’t help giving a laugh, but he quickly looked over (now hoping I wasn’t actually watching). I stopped laughing in case he might cry, but as he lay crumbled on the ground he flashed me an embarrassed little grin, brought himself to his feet, and reluctantly went to face the wrath of his angry older sister.

I just wanted to share this little story because it reminded me of the simple moments of childhood. That feeling when things don’t go quite the way you have them pictured, but no matter how badly you might fail, you’re still going to get up, face the music, and, ultimately, get back on the bike.

I saw him a few days later successfully master the curb. I was proud of the little French fry.

Back to the football tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


Language & Landscape Y’all

The Language:

French is one of the five main Romance languages in the world, including Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian. It is a beautiful language, however, it takes a certain ‘moving of the mouth’ skill that I have not yet mastered. My French has a bit of a Kentucky twang to it at the moment, which my teammates and coaches enjoy.

I have been here now for about 24 days and have encountered a grand total of two people who have been fluent in English. I cannot tell you how great it was to hear and have a conversation in my native tongue! The ham sandwich at the park has not been the best conversationalist.. But, I am doing my best to learn the language and lessons should start soon. I have been watching only French television and listening to French music, which is helping me comprehend. I will proudly say that French Harry Potter is just as great as the English version, and I am also getting a kick out of French Modern Family, My Wife and Kids, CSI: Miami, and Scrubs. I’m becoming a skilled lip reader.

The Landscape:

One of the most exciting things about being here is the traveling that we do for our matches. Every other week or so I’m taking a road trip through France! My teammates usually can’t wait to get on the minivan and conk out, but I put in the headphones and stare out my window to take it all in.

Things I’ve noticed so far: Many cows, but only white cows (with peculiar black patches on the rear end), rolling fields of sunflowers, corn, sweet smelling vineyards, mountains, and beautiful towns perched in the hills.

Safe to say that, besides the corn, we’re not in Kentucky any more folks!


French Food and Culture

The next couple of blogs are going to veer away from the football just a bit. I want to talk about the French food, culture, language, and landscape that I have personally experienced through both my trip last January and my current venture.

My knowledge of France, and Europe as a whole, began this past January when my good friend Lindsay and I went to Paris, Florence, and Rome. Being the first time I had ever experienced Europe, I got a good taste for the culture, the history, and, of course, the cuisine of both France and Italy. At that point, I did not realize how valuable the trip would prove in preparing me for my time here in Yzeure.

The Food & the Culture:

Simply put, the food is great! The French, among many things, especially love their cheese, Nutella, crepes, meats, baguettes, pastries, chocolate, wine, and beer! Bon Appétit!

I have enjoyed taking walks to the nearby, larger city of Moulins (MOO-LAHN), which takes about 15 minutes from my four bedroom Yzeure (YEZ-UR) apartment. Throughout the streets you will find butcheries, pastry shops, bakeries, creperies, chocolatiers, cafes, restaurants, bars, flower shops, art stores, etc. It is an interesting feeling to walk around the corner, baguette in hand, and be greeted by an ancient cathedral that happens to be at least twice as old as my homeland.

The streets of France can be a bit scary at times. Everyone drives pretty fast in tiny manual transmission automobiles. However, contrary to this need for speed mentality, I am enjoying the laid back, yet get the job done attitude exhibited by most I have encountered. I find that this suits me better.

I have also taken a liking to a little restaurant/café across from Hotel de Ville (the mayor’s house, I think). I’ll sit outside, order a miniature coffee (NO Starbucks ladies and gentlemen), read my book, and just watch, listen, and learn.. What a simple way of life, huh?! Walk to the city, sip coffee and read, stroll around, sit at a park with my ham sandwich, go to training, and hit the hay. Pretty rough!

But, through my experiences so far, I can say the French are a very proud and honorable people that have been surprisingly warm, friendly, and willing to help.

Stay tuned for “Language and Landscape”!

Thanks for reading,