Week 3!


This weekend went pretty well! We played three 40-minute games, coming out with a 0-0 tie, a 2-0 loss, and a 6-0 win. We made progress throughout the three games and it was an encouraging weekend. You definitely couldn’t beat the scenery! We played in Grenoble, France surrounded by the French Alps, which were nothing short of breathtaking. See the pics!..Image

It’s a new week here in Yzeure!! I had keeper training tonight at the stadium next to my apartment complex (Stade de Bellecombe). After training, I took a little jog around the two cities, Yzeure and Moulins, and watched the sun set by the Moulins Cathedral.. It was a pleasant evening!

I’m doing well and feeling great.. Just missing my guitar! But plan to solve that problem as soon as I find a music store!!Image

Team training tomorrow evening. Keeper training Wednesday. Looking forward to continuing a great week here in France!

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Officially Official

I signed my contract this morning and am excited to say that I am officially a professional soccer player! I want to take the time to say thank you for reading my blog, supporting me, and just being excited for me and this experience. It’s a great feeling to know that I have so many people in my corner.

Today off. Tomorrow training. Saturday off. And a friendly in the French Alps on Sunday. My coach says, “It’s beautiful!”.. I look forward to it!

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Well, my coach informed me last night that they want me to stay and be a part of the team!!! I’m very excited and relieved to have done well these past 11 days! Today, I’ve been working on getting the paperwork in order with the club president. It’s not official until I sign on the dotted line, but this is a great accomplishment and I feel tremendously excited to have the opportunity to play with FF Yzeure for the upcoming season!

In the last few days I have continued my goalkeeper and team training. We did not fair so well this weekend and took a bad loss on Sunday, but we’ve gone back to work this week. I met my goalkeeper coach on Monday, and have been training hard with him. He’ll be a great coach for me and I’m excited to learn new ways to improve my game.

I feel as if I’ve been away at French soccer camp for the last week and a half, where everything’s new and I’m asking myself, “Should I quit living out of my suitcase and just put my clothes on the shelf already?” A different wave of emotion came over me last night as my coach spoke with me. I was bursting with emotions on the inside, but kept up a calm demeanor. When I got a moment to myself a wave of relief and sense of belonging came over me. I felt as if everything was right and it was time to unpack that suitcase…

Training tonight! I will post again soon!

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P.S. – Go WKU Soccer!!! 🙂

Getting Everyone Up to Speed!

*This may be repeat info for some..

Hello all!

Everything is going well here in Yzeure, France! I’ve been participating in training sessions with both the GK coaches and the team, F.F. Yzeure Allier Auvergne. Sessions have been going well and I’m feeling really strong and healthy. We had a friendly match on Wednesday night against Dijon, which is a team in the 2nd Division French league. Won the game 1-0. I played 70 minutes and did well in the game, only had a couple saves and mostly just play with the feet. My team is really good and it’s exciting to be on a team with such talented players all the way across the board. It’s very much fast paced, quick one touch European style football! A lot of fun.

The only trouble I’m having is trying to communicate ha! I’m doing my best to pick up the basics, been studying lessons and my French-English dictionary. But, everyone (coaches, players, staff, etc.) have been very welcoming and helpful (and patient, thank goodness).

I’m living in a 3 bedroom apartment with two teammates. It’s very nice and spacious (free wi-fi too!) and has a great view of both Yzeure and Moulins. Yzeure is basically a subdivision of the larger city of Moulins. It is very old and historic. Took a long walk yesterday around the city and saw some really fantastic and awesome cathedrals and such.

We had yesterday and today off, and we head up to Paris to play a friendly match Sunday afternoon! I’m excited for the traveling! What a great experience!..My keeper coach has been on holiday, so I have my first workout with him on Monday, and then I believe they will decide whether they want me or not.

I’m happy and so very thankful to have this opportunity. I know it will be difficult for me at times to be so far from home, but I also know how hard I’ve worked and how many people are supporting me. Family and friends are such a blessing.

Thanks for reading!


Hello world!

Hello Readers!

I have been thinking about creating a blog for a while now and my cousin, Stephanie, pointed me in the direction of wordpress. I am starting this blog in order to more easily keep my family and friends updated on my career activities. I am currently in Yzeure, France chasing my dreams of becoming a professional soccer player, and I will use this as a way to tell about my experiences and adventures while in Europe! I hope to post every other day and throw in a few pics here and there. Thanks for reading!